Four Simple Rules for Social Media Distancing. A phone or tablet in a cloud of orange dots.
#1 avoid mass gatherings - anger and fear are contagious, support in small groups, and always wash your hands after you get off Twitter. A crowd of angry people in a crowd of orange dots, and a set of three small social networks
#2 don't share takes - you wouldn't shake hands with a random doctor so don't spread their viral content. A person shaking hands with a doctor, and a Google Doc with that doctor's face on it.
#3 don't take your phone to the toilet - (a) it's gross (b) if you still make calls, you're in an at-risk demographic. A middle-aged man reading his smartphone while seated on the toilet, and then making a call.
#4 take a break - anxiety is not good for your immune system. A plug being pulled from a socket which looks like an angry face.